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Is your comms room and data cabinet management up to scratch?

Is your comms room and data cabinet management up to scratch?




When you look at your comms room, what do you see?

Poor cable management (in other words, a spaghetti junction of cables)
Switches and patch panels are hidden and difficult to access. It's impossible to identify ports or labels because they're buried under the mess of cables. Operationally, you are not able to quickly trace, test, or carry out adds/moves/changes.

Redundant cabling and equipment
You add equipment into your comms room – new servers, switches, patch panels – but don't take the time to audit what's no longer required. As a result, your comms room is untidy, and surplus cables and hardware take up valuable space.

Excessively long patch leads
Instead of ordering the right length of patch lead, you've installed any old size (make and colour), and now the slack on the cable is unnecessarily taking up space.

Poor energy efficiency
The comms room temperature fluctuates, there is no monitoring of humidity levels, the lighting could be better, and the running costs are sky-high.

Lack of general housekeeping
Questionable access, security, cleaning, servicing, and auditing? Poor airflow management and maintenance logs? Dust build-up? Comms room doubles as a storeroom with combustible clutter on the floor?



What we seeā€¦

  • Preventable network failure
  • Avoidable business downtime
  • Protracted troubleshooting
  • Energy, cost, and time inefficiencies
  • A health & safety nightmare



Our comms room audit and management packages are carried out at a time convenient to your business and ensures:

  • Future fault finding is quick and easy due to colour-coded patch cords, and labelled patch panels
  • Potential network failures are avoided due to greater airflow around the cabinet
  • Improved accessibility within your IT racks and cabinets by using ThinPATCH cords that are 2x thinner and more flexible than standard UTP/FTP patch leads
  • Improved performance and longevity of hardware and equipment from monitoring temperature and airflow within the data cabinet
  • Enhanced safety from structured and organised cabling, reducing the risk of fire and workplace injuries
  • Safe working distances can be achieved so that you comply with Covid-19 welfare measures

Ensure optimal operating conditions and security of your business assets

Most servers are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions; it’s important to monitor temperature and humidity very carefully. This is where Prioto can help.

Prioto offers intelligent solutions for remotely controlling, monitoring, and managing the room ambience and electrical systems within your comms room. And when conditions change, you will be alerted on your mobile, tablet or desktop, so that you can intervene and avoid costly downtime, or lost revenue.

Prioto can detect:

  • Changes in temperature
  • Changes in humidity
  • Leaks
  • Smoke
  • Changes to air quality
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Security breaches
  • Lighting

Prioto can also monitor and report on how much energy your comms room uses.

Find out more at prioto.com, or contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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