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Introducing UTP and FTP RJ45 ultra slim patch cords

Introducing UTP and FTP RJ45 ultra slim patch cords


Ultra-slim, the ThinPATCH cords improve accessibility and airflow within your IT racks and cabinets because they are 2x thinner and more flexible than standard UTP/FTP patch leads.

These space-saving cables reduce the risk of down-time and make server maintenance easier.

The ThinPATCH cords include PatchSee tracking technology which allows for quick and easy switching. Traditionally this would be a two-person task, but thanks to PatchSee, you can free up a much-needed resource and reallocate to other areas within your business.

The coloured-coded, removable PatchCLIPs makes the job of identifying RJ45 cables quick and easy. With 16 colours available, they're the first visual identification level of network applications and geographical zones within your comms cabinet.

ThinPATCH cords are available in 11 lengths – starting from 0.6m up to 4.9m.

DVI is a member of 3P Design's Gold Partners Program. To request a free ThinPatch demo kit, please order on the 3P Design Patchsee website here.

before and after images of comms room maintenance showing messy cables before maintenance and organised cables after maintenance

Need to know Technical Data

ThinPATCH is a reliable cable for all networks.

  • Complies with Cat 6a, Cat 6 and Cat 5e TIA/EIA-568-C-2 and ISO/IEC 11801, 3rd Ed
  • Improve channel links and decrease frame retransmissions
  • Up to 10 Gbit/s applications conform IEEE 802.3at, and POE ++ compatibility
  • Quality control
    •  100% tested on electrical and optical properties
    •  test results saved onto a database
    •  each patch cord identified by a unique serial number
  • plastic cross-web unshielded (UTP) and individually foil shielded pairs (FTP)
  • PVC sheath for UTP cables and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) sheath for FTP cables
  • With a slimline, black boot aligned with the edges of the RJ45 plug for high-density panels/environments
  • 100% recyclable
  • PCI Technology (Patchsee connector insert)
  • Integrated bending radius protection

Download the full technical data sheets:


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