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DVI announces new strategic partnership

DVI announces new strategic partnership


DVI Technologies and DiscreteHeat are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership, combining DVI's intelligent solution for controlling and monitoring energy use with DiscreteHeat’s space- and energy-saving radiant heating products.

Prioto, DVI’s solution to create smarter buildings, integrates perfectly with DiscreteHeat’s ThermaSkirt heating system. By combining the solutions, businesses will benefit from: reduced energy bills, improved occupant comfort, optimised building energy performance; not to mention saving valuable wall/floor space, as well as improved interior aesthetics.

Smart buildings save energy

When it comes to achieving government carbon reduction targets, facility and energy managers are looking at how to make buildings more energy efficient. On average, 40% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from heating, and it’s a common mistake for businesses to overheat by warming areas of their building – such as corridors, or storerooms for example - that don’t need to be as warm as occupied areas.

Prioto uses IoT to offer an abundance of automation, alerts, and controls similar to those of the big BMS players. A comfortable, controlled and energy efficient building is within reach of even the smallest of businesses.

ThermaSkirt, as the name suggests, is installed as a skirting board that provides a smart alternative to panel radiators, storage heaters and underfloor heating. Utilising radiant heat, it uses less energy without compromising on the level of warmth.

The strategic partnership between the two companies presents a significant growth opportunity for ThermaSkirt in the Scottish market, leveraging DVI’s client base and industry capabilities.

With Prioto controlling ThermaSkirt in commercial buildings, businesses can take advantage of all that ThermaSkirt has to offer with the added benefits of being able to:

  • Remotely control and monitor heating using Prioto’s app;
  • Detect when a room or area is unoccupied and automatically reduce or switch off the heating;
  • Monitor the running hours of the heating system and receive an alert when a service is approaching;
  • Configure thermostats so that optimal temperatures for different areas of your building can be maintained;
  • Monitor your energy spend on heating, providing insight into where further savings could be made;

Martin Wadsworth, Director of  DiscreteHeat, said: “The DVI-DiscreteHeat partnership is a powerful combination. DVI’s vast electrical installation and engineering expertise, along with their proven commitment to industry standards, health & safety, and Codes of Practice complements DiscreteHeat perfectly. We believe this new partnership will bring many benefits to DVI and Prioto customers.”

Stephen Murney, Director of DVI Technologies, said: “Partnering with DiscreteHeat offers a great boost to the low-carbon heating options we can offer our clients. We strive to provide the best solutions and ThermaSkirt integrates perfectly with Prioto.”

He added: “Helping our clients operate efficient and sustainable businesses is something that we are committed to doing. With gas heating systems threatening climate change targets, warming buildings with an electric heating system only serves to future proof their buildings, and business.”


Download our flyer to find out how ThermaSkirt, when controlled with Prioto, can benefit your business.



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