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Prioto: Intelligent Solutions for Smarter Buildings

Prioto: Intelligent Solutions for Smarter Buildings


Historically, affordability and capital barriers have prevented many businesses from installing a traditional Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS). This is particularly true of small- and medium-sized businesses.

However, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), DVI Technologies has developed a range of solutions that will help achieve energy efficiency savings by optimising a buildings performance while improving the conditions of the people - whether employees, customers, visitors, etc. - who use that building.

Prioto combines electrical products and internet-enabled devices with sensors to cleverly control, monitor, manage, and report on a range of functions within your building(s), including:

  • heating systems
  • lighting
  • doors
  • blinds & shutters
  • refrigeration/chilling
  • electrical maintenance & monitoring
  • detection of faults, water leaks, and carbon monoxide
  • carbon dioxide and humidity monitoring
  • … and more

And because these functions are intelligently controlled and automated by Prioto, your building will adapt to enhance the comfort, safety, and productivity of your people.

  • Offers an abundance of automation, alerts and controls that you can choose to deploy throughout your building or in specific, occupied areas;
  • Ensure your building operates at optimal conditions
  • Save energy, save money
  • Cut maintenance costs and increase the longevity of electrical devices
  • Allows you, or your facility/building manager, to effortlessly monitor every building in your estate, from anywhere in the world, on a smartphone;
  • Save time, save money
  • Do less ‘reacting to issues’ and do more ‘prevention of faults’
  • Focus on maintaining comfortable conditions while reducing carbon emissions, as a result of real-time monitoring
  • Can be tailored and scaled to suit the size of your business and building (including multi-site companies); and
  • Benefit from capability and affordability; from wireless options and the ability to retrofit to existing devices
  • Discover where you can make genuine savings after our full technical analysis
  • Is within the financial means of SMEs, government departments and third sector organisations (unlike traditional Building Management Systems which are, typically, reserved for large buildings and even larger budgets).
  • Can afford to invest in a solution - thanks to IoT technology - that will optimise your building’s performance while achieving comfort levels, carbon reduction targets, and financial savings.

Contact us today to find out more, or visit our dedicated Prioto website.

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