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Covid-19: Getting back to business

Covid-19: Getting back to business


While the country is still in lockdown and there are restrictions in place to manage Covid-19, now is the time for businesses to plan for a future – and safe – return to work.

While it is likely lockdown will be lifted in the coming months, social distancing measures together with good hand & cough hygiene are likely to remain for some time to come.

With offices empty of workers, now is the time to consider what a return to work will look like and put together a plan that ensures your business hits the ground running, when that day arrives.

The new reality

We’re not returning to "business as usual" – maintaining social distances to protect our colleagues and families will be a new reality. So, what will that look like in your office?

DVI Technologies offer a comprehensive range of infrastructure solutions for communications and IT. We’re also experienced in full office moves and relocations. Post-lockdown, you may not be relocating to new premises per se, but you will have to consider relocating your desks so that safe working distances can be maintained.

We can:

  • Move desks, cabinets, and storage
  • Move PCs and peripheral devices
  • Move power and data
  • Repatch users at comms cabinets
  • Carry out a comms rooms clean-up
  • Fully test all additions, moves and changes

We can also, if required:

  • Install new hardware and software
  • Upgrade your network to enhance remote working (e.g. VPN solutions)
  • Upgrade your network cabling for better connectivity and/or to be 5G-ready
Huge Thanks

Prioto: Smart building solutions

Prioto is an intelligent solution developed by DVI Technologies to help your business save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and operate more sustainably.

We combine electrical products and internet-enabled devices with sensors to cleverly control, monitor, manage, automate, and report on a range of functions within your business and building, including:

  • Heating systems
  • Lighting
  • Windows and doors
  • CO, CO2, temperature, and humidity monitoring
  • Detection of faults and leaks
  • Blinds and shutters
  • …and more

Prioto is ideal for businesses returning to work post Covid-19, and for businesses that continue to allow agile working (allowing employees to work flexibility from the office, home, or coffee shop).

From our easy-to-use app, you can:

  • Remotely monitor building security
  • Detect when the office or building is unoccupied and automatically turn off lighting, heating, and air conditioning – saving your business money
  • Receive alerts when property conditions change – for example, if faults or leaks are detected, or if there is a change to humidity/temperature in your server room – allowing you to take timely action to avoid costly repairs or further business downtime
  • Monitor how many employees are in the office at any one time and assess whether you are at risk of not achieving social distancing rules
  • Help safeguard, and have visibility of, lone workers in the office with real-time monitoring and enforcing routine welfare check-ins
  • Remotely shut off gas if carbon monoxide is detected


If you’re interested in finding out how DVI can help you achieve the new reality for your workplace, contact us on 0330 010 0869 or email info@dvitechnologies.co.uk.

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