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Amp up your business



According to statistics, the sale of electric vehicles (EVs) is growing, and with government plans to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035 - now is the time to future-proof your business fleet.

Switching to electric vehicles

Besides the environmental benefits - improved air quality, reduced noise pollution, and supporting efforts to reduce carbon emissions - that EVs afford, there are some significant business benefits to be realised too. For example:

  • EVs present lower running and maintenance costs than diesel or petrol cars
  • Workplace charging units offer convenience for your clients and visitors
  • Opportunities to generate additional revenue:
    • from the levy you impose to charge an EV (hourly or annually)
    • advertising space on the charging stations
  • Tax advantages from investing in efficient technologies
  • Government grants are available to cover installation costs
  • Achieve the carbon reduction targets set for your business

DVI Technologies can supply and install workplace EV charging points across the UK. We are a SELECT approved contractor and EV charging installations are carried out following the latest British Standard.

Looking to replace your fleet with electric vehicles?

Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • Is your business eligible for a grant towards installation costs?
  • Will you offer free charging, or impose fees to recover costs?
  • What are the charging requirements for your fleet now, and in the future?
  • What are the charging requirements of your employees and customers?
  • Can your business lower costs further by installing solar PV to charge EVs?

Smarter charging with Prioto

Prioto is an intelligent solution, developed by the engineers at DVI, to help your business save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and operate more sustainably.

Combining electrical products and internet-enabled devices with sensors, Prioto can cleverly control, monitor, manage, automate, and report on a range of functions within your business, including your EV charging points.

From our easy-to-use app, your team can:

  • Discreetly monitor all charging units installed at your business locations
  • Remotely control each individual charging unit
  • Gain insights into charging usage including energy consumption
  • Receive alerts to your mobile phone, tablet or desktop when your EV is fully charged


Contact us on 0330 010 0869 to discuss your EV charging requirements.

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