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Achieve workplace wellness and minimise exposure to Covid 19

Achieve workplace wellness and minimise exposure to Covid 19


Getting back to business.

With the majority of Covid restrictions now removed across the United Kingdom, more and more people are anticipated to make a return to the workplace.

But with advisory measures still in place to reduce transmission, business owners and building managers can’t afford to become covid complacent. Ensuring workplace wellness will help mitigate any future closures or downtime, and DVI Technologies can help.

1.   Demand-Driven Ventilation

Well ventilated workspaces reduce the risk of breathing in Covid-19 and other airborne viruses.

So how do you know if poor ventilation is an issue for your business?

The answer: Monitor carbon dioxide levels

Natural and harmless in small amounts, carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced by the air we exhale. Indoors, if CO2 can build up, then it’s indicative of poor ventilation in that area, which means a higher chance of exposure to Covid-19.

Fact: High levels of CO2 can impact health, wellbeing and productivity.

Ensuring healthy air quality by constantly running your ventilation system isn’t energy-efficient, and it will be costly too.

Our Prioto CO2 sensors automate ventilation only when required. Making your workplace ventilation demand-driven will reduce your carbon emissions and utility bills and ensure healthy air quality and pleasant working conditions.

Prioto CO2 sensors monitor levels within your building (or in specific zones) in real-time. They will send safety alerts when those levels exceed 1000ppm – enabling you to take prompt action to ventilate the area and reduce the risk of covid transmission.

When we integrate the CO2 sensors with your ventilation system, if CO2 levels rise to dangerous levels, the exact sensor readings will automatically switch on to pull and circulate fresh air.

Fact: In places such as schools, offices, and care homes, high levels of CO2
are directly related to 
low productivity, high sick leave, and dangerous work environments.

2.  Office Moves, Adds and Changes

We offer a comprehensive range of infrastructure solutions for communications and IT and we’re also experienced in full office moves and relocations.

Whether you’re relocating to new premises or adopting a hybrid working approach, you may have to consider repositioning desks so that safe working distances can be maintained.

We can:

  • Move desks, cabinets, and storage
  • Move PCs and peripheral devices
  • Move power and data
  • Repatch users at comms cabinets
  • Carry out a comms room clean-up
  • Fully test all additions, moves changes
  • Install new hardware and software
  • Upgrade your network to enhance remote working (e.g. VPN solutions)
  • Upgrade your network cabling for better connectivity and/or for 5G

3.  Far UVC Disinfection

We are proud to partner with UEC Energy to bring our clients a range of safe disinfection technology for safer working environments.

Unlike conventional* UV, Far UVC is safe to operate 24/7 and ensures elimination of 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses – making it the best disinfection solution for your business.

Far UVC uses a wavelength of 222nm which isn’t harmful to human eyes and skin. When properly filtered, Far UVC will destroy pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mould and spores in everyday spaces, safely and while people are present.


  • Round the clock, safe, unobtrusive protection
  • Destroys pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mould and spores in everyday spaces
  • Cleanses the air as well as surface contaminants
  • Actively decontaminates occupied working environments - meaning no business downtime
  • Impenetrable to the outer skin layer, Far UVC will not damage any living cells in the human body
  • Adaptable solutions include lamps, wands, and walkthrough gates and are ideal for a variety of workplace and public settings such as:
    • Airports
    • Supermarkets
    • Sport stadiums
    • Concert venues
    • Building entrances
    • Retail
    • Offices
    • Hospitality
    • Care homes
    • Leisure centres
    • Emergency services
    • Education establishments
    • Healthcare
    • Transportation

* Most UVC disinfection systems currently use wavelengths between 240-280nm, with 254nm most prevalently used. Unfortunately, exposure to 254nm UV has been shown to cause damage to skin and eyes in humans and, therefore, cannot be employed as a solution for the inactivation of bacteria and viruses in public spaces when people are present.

However, recently published scientific studies have shown that a different wavelength of UV light - 222nm - when properly filtered, has the same bacteria and virus inactivating ability of 254nm UV without damaging skin or eyes. This Far UV (from wavelengths 200 to 235nm) technology can therefore be a bacteria and virus inactivating solution, both airborne and surface-based, that can be deployed in public spaces while people are present.

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