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Health & Safety: Still our top priority

Health & Safety: Still our top priority


At DVI Technologies, we continually monitor the health, safety and welfare of our employees and those that may be affected by our actions.

Without a doubt, this is a worrying time for families and businesses. My thoughts are with those who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses around the globe are weighing in with their memos and product plugs – some of it appropriate and timely, a lot of it downright opportunistic.

I simply wish to issue a reminder that the health & safety of our employees, clients, contractors, sub-contractors, and members of the public is genuinely of utmost importance to me. I wish to offer assurance that we are following WHO guidelines and those contained in COVID-19 Information and Guidance for Non-Healthcare Settings.

I have briefed our teams to make them aware of their responsibilities - within the DVI office, on client sites, and with regards to their work vehicle and travel – in helping to prevent the spread of any germs. This includes thorough handwashing, staying home if they become symptomatic, and respecting any health precautions that our clients have also put in place. I have also encouraged non-engineering personnel to work from home.

At this time, DVI and Prioto remain open for business and to provide maintenance support to our clients’ properties, many of which house our most vulnerable citizens and emergency services.

Thank you.

Stephen Murney
Director | DVI Technologies Ltd

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